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Doctor review sites are an excellent resource for patients to check out different providers without actually becoming patients. These doctor rating websites usually offer general information about the practice and, perhaps most importantly, physician reviews.


For 37% of patients, their search for a medical professional begins with reading doctor ratings and reviews. When they see positive reviews, about 60% will select that practice. Conversely, about 61% of patients will avoid a practice after reading negative physician reviews.


Online doctor reviews have empowered patients to make better informed decisions about their healthcare, but what about the healthcare providers? How do these sites impact their practices?


For medical facilities and professionals providing excellent care, doctor review sites are a great benefit. These websites offer performing physicians a platform to showcase their services and build on their good reputation with doctor ratings. Online physician review sites can also boost your SEO, an important tool to help your practice appear in top Google search results.


Medical practices that need to build a better reputation can also benefit from doctor review sites. Physician review websites are usually free and offer outstanding marketing value for the time it takes to set up a profile.


But there’s another reason why practices should pay attention to online doctor reviews: their patients believe them. About 47 percent of patients trust doctor ratings and reviews as much as recommendations from their physician. Engaging and monitoring these websites is key to protecting your reputation and growing your practice.

There are many doctor review sites on the internet. Which ones are worth using? Check out this list of the top six doctor rating sites.


Doctor Review Site #1: Google My Business

Google My Business isn’t dedicated to just physician reviews but is an excellent source of local business information and ratings. Your business’s star rating is essential here. According to Google, businesses with three or more stars get 41 out of 47 clicks.


Completing your Google My Business profile is key. Fill in every field you can, including your hours and website. Also, add photos, your logo and weave your keywords into the business description. This will boost your SEO so more patients find you online. Click here to get started on Google My Business.


Doctor Review Site #2: Yelp

Yelp isn’t specific to the medical community either but is crucial to almost every business's success. Yelp is the 44th most visited website in the U.S. and boasts 184 million reviews. For every additional star earned on Yelp, businesses increase their revenue by 9%.

When you create a Yelp account, complete as much as possible for the best impression on potential patients. Click here to register your practice on Yelp.


Doctor Review Site #3: CareDash

This doctor review site is one of the top places to get all kinds of medical professional reviews, including dentist, therapist, hospital and doctor ratings. CareDash has 2 million active users every month who can access more than 3 million verified healthcare provider profiles.

CareDash was founded with transparency in mind to ensure patients have access to unbiased dr. ratings. It’s also one of the fastest-growing websites of its kind in the world. Click here to claim your free profile.


Doctor Review Site #4: Dr. Oogle

This physician review site specializes in dentistry with more than 204,000 reviews of dentists and dental specialists. Dr. Oogle collects independent ratings and testimonials from patients and uses the information to rank dentists.


Click here to create a profile on Dr. Oogle.


Doctor Review Site #5: Vitals

Vitals is a popular doctor review site with more than 1 million physician profiles and over 9 million physician reviews and ratings. The site also features 165,000 facility profiles of hospitals and care facilities across the country. They’re unique, because they distill information from several sources, including the medical boards of all 50 states, to create physician and facility profiles.

On this physician review site, users can search by condition, insurance coverage, location and name. To take full advantage of all Vitals has to offer, visit their website and search for your listing. Then, click the “Claim this profile” button to take control of your profile and add information like photos, expertise, awards, education and more.


Doctor Review Site #6:

This is a unique source of online doctor reviews. is a paid service that manages your listings across several popular physician review sites including Bing, Google, Vitals, Yelp and more. Through their integrated platform, reaches an estimated 30 million people per month. also features its own list of physician reviews. Click here to learn more about their product offerings.

Online doctor reviews are a powerful promotional tool. When managed properly, they can bring new patients to your practice and increase your revenue. Research these and other doctor rating sites to determine which ones are best for your practice.


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