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If you’re running a business, an easy way to scale is targeting customers in your specific geographic area. Marketing to local customers can serve as a launchpad to grow your business exponentially. And given the power of search engines to make or break a business, much of that marketing is focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Great SEO means appearing as the first result on a Google search page.


In addition to SEO, businesses use geolocation and geotargeted advertising to increase their visibility and scale on a local level. So what happens when you combine all three? Google My Business is what happens!


Google My Business is a free resource for managing your online business presence and improving your search engine rankings. When you set up your Business Profile, your business will appear on Google Search, Maps and Reviews.  As an optimized solution for connecting and interacting with customers, your GMB listing is one of Google’s most valuable business tools.


What is Google My Business?

Your local business probably can’t survive without getting your name into the community, and that’s where Google My Business can help. Google My Business is a perfect resource for businesses with a physical address. In fact, there’s almost no better way to market your business for free. So in addition to your signage, ads and other advertising efforts, a Google business listing is key to improving your reach.


Because an increasing number of searches on Google have local intent, local businesses stand to gain the most from using Google My Business. For your business to show up as high as possible on these search results, your business has to have a Google listing.


How does Google My Business help?

Despite considerable budget expenditures, you may have been struggling for years without seeing positive results from your SEO efforts. With Google My Business, there’s no third-party standing between you and Google. You have the opportunity to use Google directly to reach more customers. And Google has confirmed that completing your Profile on Google My Business will boost your search engine rankings


Engaging directly is one of the best ways to build a solid customer relationship. The Customer Tab and Reviews on Google My Business gives you the opportunity to interact with and respond to your customers directly.


The Google My Business Insights tool provides extremely useful business analytics. With the power of Google’s algorithm at your disposal, you have access to quite a bit of data about people who search for your business. You can learn how users find your business and what actions they take once they do. As a result, you’ll understand the impact of your business presence and improve your marketing strategy.


Taking Action

To take advantage of Google My Business, set up your Business Profile with verifiable information about your business. Include your business description, a gallery showing images and videos of your products and services, your contact details, available hours, FAQs and, most importantly, reviews from customers.


Anyone who can complete Google’s verification process can create a Business Profile. You don’t need a physical address, separate storefront or even a website to complete your listing. You only need to prove you’re the business owner.


If you need help setting up your Business Profile, we’ve put together a guide to help you.


Learn to Manage Your Customer Reviews